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472-M-9MM-BR24, M9 Beretta 24 Pack

Pelican Authorized Online Distributor
Mobile Military

472-M-9MM-BR24, M9 Beretta 24 Pack

Model: 472-M-9MM-BR24

Interior Dimensions: 32.00" x 20.00" x 9" Exterior dimensions are roughly 33" wide x 21.00" deep x 10" height. Empty shipping weight is 35 lbs.

Up the ante with a 24-pack of M9s backed up with rock solid hardware. Nothing protects from corrosion better, is tougher in the field, or deploys faster.

Call to place your order and check availibility and pricing.

Features Include:
* Pressure relief valve
* Lockable hasps

Weapon Configuration:
(24) M-9 Pistols

Availability: in 4 Weeks

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