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472-M2-RCVR, M2 Receivers

Pelican Authorized Online Distributor
Mobile Military

472-M2-RCVR, M2 Receivers

Model: 472-M2-RCVR

Price: $1,099.00

Interior Dimensions: 46.87" x 14.06" x 10.50" (119 x 35.7 x 26.7 cm) The outside dimensions are 50”L x 17”W x 12.25”H. The volume is 6 cubic feet with a weight of 39.2 lbs.

This weather tight carrier and storage case boasts custom cut space for one M2 weapon receiver plus accessories.

Call to place your order and check availibility and pricing.

Features Include:
* Pressure relief valve
* Humidity indicator
* Three comfort grip handles
* Lockable hasps

Weapon Configuration:
(1) M-2 Receiver

Availability: in 4 Weeks

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