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SabreLite™2000 Photoluminescent
SabreLite™2000 Photoluminescent
Same features as the SabreLite™ 2000 but outfitted with a lens ring that emits a bright glow in the dark. The new generation photoluminescent material in the plastic absorbs the energy from any light source - fluorescent lights, the sun, or even the flashlight's own beam. No more fumbling in the dark for your flashlight.

This powerful flashlight was designed with one thing in mind: SAFETY. It carries more approvals than any other flashlight on the market today, making it safe for any hazardous environment or condition. The SabreLite is o-ring sealed with a twist-on shroud and comes with a polarity battery guard tray that safeguards against dangerous "outgassing" of hydrogen from an accidentally reversed cell. It is powered by 3 C alkaline cells, submersible to 500 feet, and has an ABS resin body which resists chemicals, corrosion, and extreme temperatures. Unlike ordinary flashlights that produce a yellow beam, the SabreLite's incredibly bright Xenon lamp produces a powerful collimated white beam. Pelican's SabreLite is the leader in quality and performance.

Light Source: Xenon
Tested Lumen Value : 33
Tested Lux Value (@ 1 meter) 10,000
Batteries: 3 C Alkaline
Battery Burn Time: 5 Hours
Watts: 3.3
Voltage: 4.5
Length: 7.79"
Weight w/Batteries: 12.8 oz.
Weight w/o Batteries: 5.21 oz.

SabreLite™ 2000 Flashlight Approvals
CSA Approval Class I, Div. 2; Gp ABCD, T3C; Class ll; Div. 2; Gp G.
FM Approval Class l, ll, Div. 2; Gp. ABCD/G , T3C.
UL Listed 4S67/E184884 Class I, Div. 1; Gp.C, D / Class l; Zone 1; Gp.llA; llB; T3C
MSHA Approval 10C-629-2
IECEx Approval IEC Ex TSA 06.0021X Ex ib e IIC T4 IP67
SabreLite™2000 Photoluminescent

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Guarantee: Pelican lights are Lifetime Guaranteed. Batteries and Lamp Modules are not.

Price:    $30.26 

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